Become Part of the Family

There is no better way to truly understand the culture and master the language than staying with a local family near the school. Families live just minutes away and offer students a true immersion experience.

About the Program:

To truly understand Costa Rican culture and put language studies to practice, Tico Lingo provides each student the opportunity to live with a local family. Known for their warmth and hospitality, each family is hand-picked to make each student feel welcome and comfortable in Heredia. Located within walking distance of Tico Lingo, each homestay provides endless occasions to practice “real life” Spanish and immediately apply classroom learning in reality. Click to learn more about our selection process

Beyond the benefits to you, the program also benefits the local families involved with the program. 90% of your payment goes directly to the families hosting. We at Tico Lingo aim to give back to our community as much as we can and promise to only withhold 10% of costs for relative overhead and organizational fees.
The Program includes:
  • Private Room with Lock and Key
  • Breakfast and Dinner Provided
  • Laundry Services
  • Child Support Options (if needed)
The Program Benefits:
  • Daily Spanish Practice in the "Real World"
  • Meet Locals in the Community
  • Spend Less Than a Hotel
  • Support Local Families Financially
Tico Lingo Homestay Selection Process

Happy Home Stays

  • My experience living with a family was completely life-changing. Waking up to the sound of exotic birds, eating gallo pinto every morning, and drinking the best coffee on earth, is something I'll never forget...

    Mark Barker, Student, 24

  • My girlfriend and I fell in love with this adorable, embracing family. They taught us more in a month than I ever thought possible. We said our goodbyes, but I do believe that we will return soon...

    Tim Johnson, 29, Research Scientist

  • The homestay is IDEAL for people who have a sense of adventure, who wish to embrace a new way of life, and who want to bring that all home with them. It was truly a life altering experience for me and my three girlfriends...

    Kelly Harker, Math Teacher, 31

    Your Room:

    Most Costa Rican families have a spare room or two due to children leaving the home for university. Quaint, always unique, and totally private, each room comes with at least a full-size bed, a desk, and a dresser
    Home Stay Program 3
    Home Stay Program 2

    Your Meals:

    Fresh fruits and vegetable a plenty! Costa Rican cuisine is known to be nutritionally well rounded, always cooked from scratch, and loaded with the many exotic fruits and vegetable readily available locally. Traditional meals have a home-cooked, comforting feel to them and with the Home Stay Program you'll be given two meals a day, breakfast and dinner.
    Costa Rican Food 1
    Costa Rican Food 2
    Costa Rican Food 3

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