Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update in Costa Rica

Last update: September 20th, 2022

Dear Students, Parents, and Volunteers,

As of April 1st, 2022
For all tourists entering Costa Rica, the QR-code health pass and the insurance requirement is no longer required. It has been completely eliminated. 

The mask mandate has been completely eliminated.

All Tico Lingo staff and homestay family community members have been fully vaccinated. Tico Lingo is not requiring proof of vaccine for any of its classes, lodging, tours, or activities.

We are absolutely offering Spanish, dance, cooking, and yoga classes as well as cultural and adventure tours through the school. Hand sanitizer is available in every classroom and common areas and a full time cleaning staff is on site daily to help keep students safe. Masks are not required in Spanish class.

Rules for entry:

Where can I get a Covid-19 test in Costa Rica?

Tico Lingo has partnered with a local clinic that is walking distance from the school called Laboratorio San José who has tested more than 200 of our students since we reopened our doors in November 2020. Tests costs roughly $40. 

Tests are also being offered at the SJO airport and results are being delivered within an hour. 

At-home tests are available at some pharmacies. 

Who can enter Costa Rica?

Since Nov. 1, 2020, Costa Rica has allowed all countries in the world and all U.S. States to enter by air, as long as travelers of those countries meet Costa Rica’s visa and COVID-19 entry requirements.

How Tico Lingo is keeping students safe:

• We have a full-time cleaning-staff to maintain a high level of cleanliness at the school.
• We are limiting our group classes to no more than four students per classroom.
• Hand sanitizer is now available in every classroom.
• We have advised all homestay families to follow these guidelines in their homes and have encouraged them to ask us for help in the case they can’t find or afford additional disinfectants for their homes.

More Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, all of our homestays are required to be vaccinated to be granted permission to host Tico Lingo students. If you have any doubts about this, don’t hesitate to note this in your homestay preferences form (filled out after registering).

Tico Lingo is not requiring proof of vaccination. This goes for all vaccines and booster shots. 

Notify staff at Tico Lingo and we will provide all necessary assistance. 

Health authorities will issue you an orden sanitaria or a sanitary order which will require you to self quarantine for minimum 7 days. Your program at Tico Lingo will go on pause until you complete the 7 day quarantine and can show a negative test result. We are giving students two options to complete their quarantine:

Option 1.)
Students can opt to stay with their assigned homestay family. For this option, each student will receive 3 home cooked meals per day and will be given a strict set of rules to follow while living with their family. The cost for the 1-week quarantine is $260 and will be invoiced separately from their Spanish immersion program. This is done so students can claim the expense against their travel insurance.

Option 2.)
Move into a private furnished apartment in Heredia. This option unfortunately does not include meals, but Tico Lingo will provide support with meal delivery as well as grocery delivery. The apartment is equipped with a full kitchen, internet, laundry, full size bed, television, as well as other amenities. The cost for a 1-week quarantine is $500 and, like the homestay option, will be invoiced separately so to aid in reimbursement by the travel insurance.