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Welcome to Heredia

Culture and Nature

Tico Lingo is located in the heart of Costa Rica’s Central Valley in the city of Heredia. Only thirty minutes from the San José airport, Heredia is home to some of the most unique and genuine Costa Rican culture.

Likewise, the city is a perfect jumping-off point to country-side coffee farms, natural waterfalls, and various active volcanos.

The City

Located in the heart of the country, the city of Heredia offers students a genuine glimpse into Costa Rican lifestyle. With its friendly streets, low-lying Spanish-colonial architectural, and family based communities, students are encouraged to walk throughout the city and get to know its local residents.

The Nature

Acting as a jumping-off point, Heredia offers students the proximity to countryside coffee farms, natural waterfalls, and beautiful flowing rivers. On weekends, students are encouraged to get out of the city and into the nearby rainforests and or out onto the sides of volcanos to soak up the natural beauty Costa Rica has to offer.





How to get here?

You’re going to want to fly into Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO) which is a mere 25 minute drive from Heredia. Once you land, we’ll be right outside to pick you up!

Quick Tips:
• Check out Exito for easy flight tickets
• Try to buy early
• Late-night pick ups are no problem for us!
• Use local ATM’s to withdraw local currency (Colones)
• Plan to be here no later than the Sunday before your classes begin

Frequently Asked Questions

During the day, absolutely. Students are encouraged to spend the afternoon exploring the many nooks and crannies that Heredia has to offer. From local coffee shops and boutique clothes stores to historic churches and the local soccer stadium, the city boasts many activities that are very safe to do. At night, there are many bars and restaurants that open and are easy to get to. Just like any other city though, it become a little more dangerous at night and we encourage students to go out with a buddy.

A typical lunch in Heredia will cost you around 3000 colones ($5.25 USD). There are fancier options for the food lover in Heredia, but the regular cost of a meal doesn’t range more than 5000 colones ($8.75 USD).

*Note that tipping is not customary in Costa Rica

Heredia is about an hour and a half from the nearest tourist beach called Jacó beach. Students can take a bus from Heredia to San José and then to Jacó for a total cost of about 4000 colones ($7.00 USD). If a taxi is preferred, Tico Lingo offers direct transportation to Jacó – simply inquire at the front desk!

Everything is walkable in Heredia. You can walk the diameter of the city in about 25 minutes. The tallest building in Heredia is about seven stories. It’s also all on a square grid making it easy to navigate! 🙂

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