Sea Turtle Rescue in Costa Rica

Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer

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Sea Turtle Conservation
Volunteering in Costa Rica

Being one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, five different sea turtle species call Costa Rica their native home. Although these turtle species play a vital role in maintaining the health of our oceans, each face threats from habitat destruction, local poachers, and commercial fishing. As a volunteer, you will get hands-on conservation experience and make a valuable contribution to important research where you will play your part in securing the future of these endangered, fascinating and enigmatic creatures.

Set in one of the most remote tropical locations in Costa Rica, this project puts the volunteer on the beach and in the heart of nature. Meet travelers from around the world while you disconnect from technology, explore the lush rainforest, and make a significant impact on the native sea turtle population of Costa Rica.

Min age 18

1-24 Weeks

From $380

Starts Every Week

Sea Turtle Rescue Volunteer

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is of course down to personal preference, however, on gaining feedback from previous volunteers we believe 3 to 6 weeks is the ideal amount of time to volunteer for. You will you be able to get fully involved with all aspects of the programme and integrate yourself within the local community. We regularly have volunteers come for 1 to 2 weeks that tell us they wish they stayed for longer.

Tico Lingo welcomes volunteers from all nationalities, religions and backgrounds. No previous experience or qualifications are required to volunteer and we look forward to hosting everyone who is willing to come and help make a difference and bring lots of positive energy.

We ask that all volunteers have a good level and understanding of English, although it does not need to be your first language. You of course do not need to speak the local dialect, but you will find learning a few words will go a long way.

Volunteering abroad can at times be both physically and mentally challenging, therefore we ask that all participants be fit in both areas. If you do have any medical / mental health conditions that you believe may affect your time volunteering, then these must be declared to us during the application process. If you have any questions regarding your suitability, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

You are more than welcome to apply at any time for any of our programmes, with start dates available at least two years in advance. We recommend that you apply as soon as you know it is something you 100% want to do, to ensure the best chances of availability on your chosen dates. Many of our programmes have limited capacity and at times these spaces can get filled very quickly – this is particularly true for our peak period between June and August.

We generally recommend applying at least 60 days in advance to give you ample time to ensure everything has been arranged. However, if you are looking to volunteer sooner than this, then it should not be a problem. Please do get in contact if you have any concerns about arranging any essentials within a shorter timeframe.

Once you have applied and confirmed your place on the programme, then it is possible to amend your start date and / or duration. Any changes need to be made at least 60 days prior to your start date and are subject to availability.

Sea Turtle Rescue Volunteer

Sign up to receive information on how you can start making an impact on local sea turtle life in Costa Rica.

Still have some questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us and talk directly to Program Advisor about volunteering in Costa Rica!