Volunteer Programs in Costa Rica

Volunteer Programs 2019-2020

Tico Lingo’s volunteer programs offer unique opportunities to live and work in Costa Rica, all while giving back to the community and immersing yourself in local culture.

Volunteer Programs in Costa Rica

Tico Lingo is a passionate advocate of community outreach and development. In addition to our Spanish immersion classes, we offer unique service learning opportunities for students who are looking for a way to give back to the community.

All projects are available year-round and are based in Heredia and surrounding smaller neighborhoods.

Included in each program:

  • Homestay accommodation with breakfast and dinner
  • 1-week intensive Spanish program (4 hours/day, M-F)
  • Airport pickup from SJO and drop off at homestay
  • Orientation tour with map of Heredia and surrounding area
  • Written and oral exam to assess Spanish fluency
  • 24/7 Support and local contact in Heredia
  • All necessary class materials: pencils, notebooks, etc.
  • Free internet access both at school and in homestays
  • Fresh coffee and tea each morning at school
  • Official certificate of volunteer service
Teaching English and Volunteering with Costa Rican students
Student volunteers reap their papaya harvest while volunteering with animals in Costa Rica

Our Philosophy

Tico Lingo is a locally-based and locally-run organization, and the programs we offer are aimed at supporting our community. This isn’t tourism– this is travel with a purpose. It’s about connecting with like-minded, motivated, and compassionate people from all over the world.

We encourage complete linguistic and cultural immersion and are dedicated to ensuring that our projects have long-term positive impacts within the community. Help us make a difference today!

Why volunteer in Costa Rica?

Volunteering abroad is a mind-opening experience that exposes one to other cultures, languages, and new ways of life. Each volunteer will have the unique opportunity to experience a side of Costa Rican culture that the average tourist never sees. You’ll be immersed in an environment where you’re learning new skills, interacting with new people, and making lifelong friends. You’ll walk away knowing you’ve made a positive impact on a community while improving your Spanish abilities at the same time.

Who should sign up?

Anyone between the ages of 18 and 89 who is enthusiastic and open-minded is welcome to participate in our volunteer programs. We’re looking for volunteers who are passionate about getting involved in a new community, and who are excited about experiencing a new city, culture, language, and people.

Volunteer duties

Each program has its own set of needs for volunteers, but generally volunteers will be expected to dedicate at least 6 hours a day, 5 days/week to the project. Duties will require volunteers to take direction well from on-site local staff and work with different types of people in both English and Spanish.

If you’re an advanced Spanish speaker, you’ll have the chance to greatly expand your vocabulary and improve your listening comprehension– and if you’re just starting out, this can be a great opportunity to practice your conversational Spanish outside the classroom.

Spanish is included?

Whether volunteers arrive with zero Spanish or are near fluent, we ask that everyone participate in at least one week of intensive Spanish classes. We want you to feel comfortable communicating in Spanish– these classes will familiarize you with the unique “tico” style of Spanish, and help you adapt to the experience of being fully immersed in a foreign language.

Volunteer Program Options

Tico Lingo is a locally-based and locally-run organization in Costa Rica and the programs we offer are aimed at supporting our local community. This isn’t tourism. This is traveling with a purpose and connecting with like-minded, motivated, and compassionate people from all over the world.

We encourage complete language and cultural immersion and are dedicated to ensuring that our projects are responsibly run and have sustainable positive impacts in our community. Join us and help out today! 🙂

Volunteer Working with Children

In this project, volunteers work in a local kindergarten with local children ages two to twelve. From helping with English classes and organizing sports to setting up talent shows and assigning homework assignments, volunteers will work with staff to come up with new ideas to educate and inspire students to share and work together.

Volunteer assistance helps keep these children off the street, and provides the structure they need to have a productive and happy childhood.

Teaching English in Costa Rica as Volunteer

Teaching English in Costa Rica

In this project, volunteers will work to teach English to students in high school as well as in small non-for-profit institutions that teach adults. Volunteers work with a local teachers to create fun, interactive lessons that encourage students to speak English. Likewise, volunteers support local teachers by helping them with their own English and create resources that future volunteers can use to further students’ education.

Volunteer with Sloths in Costa RIca with Tico Lingo

Volunteering with Animals

In this project, volunteers will assist in daily activities of operating a animal refuge center in Costa Rica home to over 150 different animals. With an emphasis on the care, rehabilitation, and release of national wildlife, the program will immerse volunteers in the lives of various species of animals native to Costa Rica.

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