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Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

Learn the conversational skills you need to begin speaking with locals immediately. Take fun and relaxed classes taught by highly experienced native speakers.

Live with a Family

Immerse yourself in the culture and community by living with a local Costa Rican homestay family. Speak the language, live the culture, become part of a community.

Volunteer in Costa Rica

Make an impact on a Costa Rican volunteer project. Experience what it’s like to live and work in Costa Rica and give back to a community that could use your help!

Your Spanish School in Costa Rica

a student learns spanish in costa rica with tico lingo

Tico Lingo is a Spanish school in Costa Rica devoted to helping its students achieve Spanish fluency through immersion and cultural education. Our aim is to teach, immerse, and initiate a global understanding of Costa Rican culture and language.

We are young, we are connected, and we are passionate about creating the perfect environment to learn Spanish in Costa Rica. We want to spark cultural exchanges on a global level with people from around the world. Join our conversation – start learning Spanish today!


Our mission is to teach, to immerse, and to instill a life changing experience for our students through classroom education and cross cultural immersion.


With the combination of an interactive classroom and an immersive cultural experience, any student can share their culture, ideas, and passions through foreign language.

Small Group Promise

Our classes are conducted in small groups of no more than six students. This number allows for open, fluid discussion in the classroom that benefits learning while not distracting from it.

Student Photos

All I can say is if you’re looking for an amazing experience where you can combine strengthening your Spanish language skills with the fun of cultural immersion, Tico Lingo is the school of choice! I loved every minute of it!
Avonne Colebrooke
Marketing Specialist, Bahamas – October 2019
In regards to the facilities, staff, and how the operation is put together I would say its beautifully done. Everyone is friendly and makes you feel comfortable, no matter what level of Spanish you are at. The group classes are small, plus they offer private lessons, which help a lot!
Tom Dunn
Photographer, Australia – June 2019

Meet Professor Freddy

Head of Spanish Programs Costa Rica

Meet one of our top professors at Tico Lingo, Freddy Fariñas. He’s taught Spanish to students from all over the world and brings his passion to the classroom day in and day out.

Watch the video to hear what he enjoys about teaching, why students prefer to study Spanish in Costa Rica, and why Tico Lingo has the best Spanish programs in Costa Rica.

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Experience the Language

Experience the culture and language of Costa Rica. Find a program that suits you, or work with us to customize your trip.