Our Alumni

Our Alumni

Teen Spanish Summer Camp at Tico Lingo
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Group Spanish Classes at Tico Lingo
Student graduates program at Tico Lingo Spanish School in Costa Rica
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Tico Lingo Celebration with Alumni
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Group Spanish Classes at Tico Lingo
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From as young as 5 and as old as 81, Tico Lingo has taught students from all around the world. For some of our alumni, Spanish is their second language, while for others it’s their 4th or 5th. Sometimes Costa Rica is the first country they’ve ever visited, and for others Costa Rica is just another stop on their journey around the world! 

Although diverse in age, nationality, language background, and travel experience, each student arrives at our doors with a passion for the Spanish language and a desire to share and experience Costa Rican culture. Over the weeks they are with us they become our friends and neighbors that progress on their language journey and leave as alumni speaking Spanish and sharing Costa Rican culture, cuisine, and customs.

Teen Spanish Summer Camp Review

This was truly the best summer I have ever experienced. The city is safe, all the kids were incredibly kind, my teacher (Freddy) was smart and hilarious, and I always felt cared for. Thanks to this camp I got to improve my spanish and make lifelong friends. I personally loved the aspect of independence that came with being able to travel by myself and I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a safe and fun language immersive experience!

Jyosna Jaslow

Teen Camp Participate — July 2021

The whole Tico Lingo experience was flawless! I did two weeks Spanish and Volunteering. Living with a tico family had me a bit nervous, but my two weeks flew by with great food and better conversation. The staff at Tcio Lingo helped me with everything I needed and really do a fantastic job making each and every student feel safe and part of the Tico Lingo club. I can’t say enough about the volunteer experience too. Truly breathtaking the beauty Costa Rica has to offer.

Luigi Winslow

Spanish + Rainforest Volunteer — March 2021

I fell in love with living in Heredia and never wanted to go back home. The school, the staff, the location, the community of ticos… it was all so positive and welcoming and really allowed me to advance my Spanish speaking skills far further than I thought possible. I signed up. for their many tours and activities and enjoyed everyone of them! I recommend the beach tour! My classmates and. I had a blast. I had a fantastic time and have already started planning my trip back! Gracias Tico Lingo!

Kerri Harper

Spanish Immersion Program – December 2020

Tico Lingo Alumni Interview

Meet Matt from Arkansas, U.S.A.

Matt arrived at our doors speaking nothing more than “hola” and “gracias”. After an 8-week program, he was surprised by how much progress he made and wanted to show off his skills in a short interview.

Check out the video to hear Matt talk about his experience at Tico Lingo (in Spanish!). He goes over why he chose Costa Rica, what it’s like to live with a local homestay family, and what he liked about the Tico Lingo teaching process.

Student Matt shares his Spanish learning experience at Tico Lingo
Play Video about Student Matt shares his Spanish learning experience at Tico Lingo

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