Homestay Accommodation

Homestay Accommodation
in Costa Rica

Live with a family in Costa Rica. Homestay accommodation.

To truly immerse its students in Costa Rican culture, Tico Lingo offers students the opportunity to live with a local homestay family. Located within walking distance of Tico Lingo, each homestay family provides students endless opportunities to practice real-world Spanish.

Beyond the benefits to students, the program also helps local families involved with the program. Student payments help struggling families financially with childcare, food costs, and education. Likewise, families that are apart of the program enjoy free English classes at the school and join our support system for local child care and community support.

Your Bedroom

Most Costa Rican families have a spare room or two due to children leaving the home for university or jobs outside of Heredia. Quaint, always unique, and totally private, each room comes with at least a full-size bed, a desk, and a dresser or closet to store clothes.

Wifi internet is always accessible from the bedrooms and a key is given to students so to keep their door locked if desired.

Your Meals

Fresh fruits, veggies and locally grown coffee aplenty! Costa Rican cuisine is nutritionally well rounded, always cooked from scratch, and loaded with the many exotic fruits and vegetables readily available locally.

Traditional meals have a home-cooked, comforting feel to them, and with our homestay program you’ll be given two meals a day, breakfast and dinner. Custom diets like vegan, kosher-free, and gluten free are no problem for us to manage. Just let us know in your sign-up form before you arrive.

Homestay Photos

Homestay Perks

Private Bedroom

Each Homestay will come with a private bedroom, desk, closet, and key to come and go as you please

Wifi Internet

Every Homestay is equipped with wifi so students can contact friends and family back home.

Breakfast and Dinner

Morning breakfast is served typically at 7am and dinner is usually served around 6:30pm.

Laundry Service

Laundry is collected, washed, and folded for students at least once a week.

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Live with a Family in Costa Rica

By staying with a local homestay family, students will experience the typical culture, food, and community of Costa Rica. Expect to have many opportunities to speak Spanish with native speakers over meals and family outings. A one week stay is from Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday. Checkout is at 11am. Each student will receive a short bio as well as the contact information of the family before arrival.

What’s Included
– Airport Pickup from SJO
– Daily breakfast and dinner
– Wifi internet access and weekly laundry service
– Private Bedroom and keys to come and go as you please
– A short bio and contact info of the family you’ve been placed with (sent before arrival)
– A short walk to Tico Lingo with your family on your first day of class

1 Week
2 Week
3 Week
Extra Week
Extra Night
Each family must first apply to be apart of our homestay family community. The application consists of a written portion that confirms their citizenship, legal status, and local address. Additionally, the written exam tests for basic English language understanding (greetings, names, basic verbs, etc.). We also conduct an evaluation of their home and confirm they have working hot/cold water, laundry services, functioning electricity, reliable wifi internet, and a warm environment for students.

Once allowed in the program, we provide families with written guidelines so everything runs smoothly with our students. Once a student departs, we receive written and verbal feedback from students on the quality of their experience. Yearly, we conduct a re-evaluation to confirm home upkeep and satisfactory facilities.
We cannot promise private bathrooms
There is no extra charge for a private bathroom but they will be given to students who specifically request them on a first come, first serve basis.

We know our families, and we want to know you!
To place students with a family that will fit them best, we ask students to provide information about their age, their prior experience in Costa Rica, their diet, their preferences for children and pets, as well as any allergies they may have.

Most students stay with homestay families
More than 95% of the students that take Spanish classes at Tico Lingo choose to live with a local family. Students as old as 91 have stayed with homestays! You’ll learn the culture, way of life, food, and… most importantly… the language!

Groups are welcome!
Some families can host as many as 5 students in their home. We’re happy to place family and friends together if desired. Just leave a comment when you fill out your registration form.

Still have some questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us and talk directly to a Program Advisor about living with a family in Costa Rica!