Adult Spanish Programs in
Heredia, Costa Rica

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

From small group Spanish classes ranging from 2-8 people, to private Spanish classes tailored to your specific needs, Tico Lingo offers quality Spanish immersion programs lead by certified, native Spanish professors. Paired with a local homestay family, students can be sure to quickly advance their speaking and comprehension skills.

Each program has a flexible duration ranging from 1-24 weeks. Many students see significant increases in Spanish language fluency after 5 to 6 weeks.

Included in each program:
• Written and oral exam to assess Spanish level
• Airport pickup from SJO (Juan Santamaría International Airport)
• Orientation tour with map of Heredia and surrounding area
• 24/7 support and local contact in Heredia
• All necessary class materials: pencils, notebooks, etc.
• Wifi internet access both at school and in homestays
• Fresh coffee and tea throughout the day at school
• Dance and yoga classes as well as conversational “intercambios” with locals
• Official certificate of course completion

Ages: 18 – 99
Duration: 1-24 weeks

Intensive Group Spanish Classes

Group classes begin every Monday. Each student will be assigned to a small classroom and placed with like-leveled students. Students will be in group class for 20 hours/week (4 hours/day, Monday-Friday) and will be pushed to learn new grammar skills and to apply those skills verbally in the classroom. This class was specifically designed to get students to advance their speaking skills.

Benefits to Intensive Group Spanish Classes:
• Small group classes are designed to facilitate interaction among all learners in the group.
• Groups can take the pressure off – everyone is in the struggle together!
• Others may ask questions that you’ve not thought of which can add clarity to each lesson.
• There is a lot of social interaction – make friends and find study partners! 🙂

Group Classes
1 Week
2 Week
3 Weeks
4 Weeks
5 Weeks
Additional Week

Intensive Spanish Classes
– 20 Hours Group Classes


Private Spanish Classes

Private Spanish classes offer students a more flexible Spanish learning experience. Classes place students 1-on 1 with a Spanish professor and focus on specific areas of weakness and interest the student wishes to study. They are typically organized in 2-hour sessions in the afternoon.

Benefits to Private Spanish Classes:
• Move through material at your own pace
• Focus on material that is especially relevant to YOU
• 100% personalized feedback and uninterrupted attention from your teacher

Private Classes
1 Hour
5 Hours
10 Hours
20 Hours

In-Person Private Spanish Classes
– 1-on-1 with a Professor at Tico Lingo


Online Private Spanish Classes
– 1-on-1 with a Professor online virtually


Super Intensive Spanish Classes (Group + Private)

Participants will take a total of 30 Hours of Spanish class per week: 20 hours of group classes and 10 hours of private 1-on-1 instruction with a professor. This program was designed for the student that wants to maximize their time in the classroom and advance their Spanish as quickly as possible.

Benefits to Super Intensive Spanish Classes:
• Get the added bonus of one-on-one attention to focus on areas specific to you
• Maintain structured group classes while remaining flexible with your private classes
• Advance your Spanish level more quickly if time is of the essence
• Enjoy the combination of a social group setting with a private 1-on-1 setting.

Group Classes
1 Week
2 Week
3 Weeks
4 Weeks
5 Weeks
Additional Week

Super Intensive Spanish Classes
– 20 Hours Group + 10 Hours Private


Frequently Asked Questions

See below for a list of FAQ’s we know you’ll be asking before your trip. If you don’t see your question here, feel free to fill book a call or contact us and we’ll get back to you with an answer.

In order to place each student in the best class, we’ll conduct a thorough written and oral examination of each student’s Spanish level before they arrive. Each exam will be carried out roughly 14-21 days before the student arrives. The written is exam is done online (on mobile or on desktop/laptop), and the oral exam is conducted via Whatsapp with our Head of Student services.

We see many different types of students that come to Tico Lingo throughout the year, from teenagers to traveling retirees. Remember, our Adult Spanish program is open to all students ages 18 – 99.

Depending on the time of year, the average student age at the school can fluctuate significantly. During June, July, and August, average ages tend to be younger, but usually ranges between 22-30 years old. During the rest of the year (September – May), the average age tends to be a bit older, usually between 35-50.

Upon arrival students are given a weekly calendar of tours and activities that are offered at the school. Always offered are activities like dance, yoga, and cooking class and tours like volcano hiking and white water rafting. Likewise, staff has information on where students can go on their own time after class in the afternoons and weekends. Check out our tours and activities page.

This can vary week to week as we receive students at all levels of Spanish competency. We take in students who are just beginning their Spanish language learning journey while also welcoming students who are near fluent in Spanish and need to master some higher level grammar.

On average though, especially during June, July, and August, Spanish levels lean more basic and students tend to start with a basic foundation in the language and a lack of good conversational skills.

Yes! Tico Lingo has an atmosphere that encourages lots of interaction between students, as well between local Costa Rican’s. Our community “intercambio” invites locals to the school once a week to meet Tico Lingo students and help them with their conversational Spanish skills.

We try to avoid less effective worksheet homework and prefer to give homework that engages students and encourages them to speak with their homestay family or other native Spanish speakers. Interviewing your homestay family or a local shopkeeper, writing a story about where you went yesterday, or creating a song to share in class are typical homework assignments at Tico Lingo.Remember, our Adult Spanish program is open to all students ages 18 – 99.

If staying with a homestay family, we simply ask that adult students communicate with their family if they plan to miss a meal or stay out past 10pm. Adult students will have a key to come and go as they please, but we ask that they respect the family and communicate with them as best they can.

Absolutely, yes! More than 95% of the students that take Spanish classes at Tico Lingo choose to live with a local homestay family here in Heredia. Students as old as 91 have stayed with homestays! You’ll learn the culture, way of life, food, and… most importantly… the language! Check out our homestay page for all the details. 

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