Teen Spanish Summer Camp

Teen Spanish Summer Camp

Experience the language

Teen Spanish Summer Camp

Combining intensive Spanish classes, local homestay accommodation, daily cultural activities, and weekend adventure tours, the Teen Spanish Summer Camp fully immerses students in Costa Rica’s culture, language, and natural beauty.

The camp emphasises studying and acquiring Spanish through cultural immersion. Students will not only walk away with an increased confidence in speaking Spanish, but also with a worldly and cultural perspective on life… and an adventure to share with everyone back home!

Ages 13-17

14 Days


Multiple Start Dates

Teen Spanish Summer Camp

14 Days

Ages 13-17


Multiple Camp Start Dates

Spanish Summer Camp Videos

Check out some videos from the Teen Spanish Summer Camp and get an idea of what life is like while you’re here!

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Parents

Whenever someone studies abroad, everyone (even adults) will experience some cultural adjustment. This cultural adjustment can be a little more difficult for younger participants as they are less experienced travelers and their expectations may be a bit more unrealistic (i.e. standard of living and lifestyle differences). Usually, cultural shock/homesickness occurs within the first few days and disappears as your child gets used to cultural differences. If homesickness occurs, we ask parents to encourage the child to stay for at least a week. If you decide to pull your child from the program, we will work with you to make the process as quick and simple as possible but no refunds are available.

We ask for a $500 deposit for the camp that will secure your position for 4 weeks. Once the deposit is received, we ask for a motivation letter, a reference letter, and a signed waiver. Once those are received, your child’s position is fully secured in the camp. 

Make sure your child has a copy of their flight itinerary, a copy of their program confirmation with emergency contact numbers highlighted, and an up-to-date passport. Also, be sure that this information goes with your child in their carry-on luggage… NOT in checked luggage!

Students are encouraged to bring their cell phones as they will have wifi internet access at their homestay and at Tico Lingo. We highly rely on Whatsapp for student and parent communication and will be creating group chats before the start of camp to introduce campes and provide last-minute details. For parents who want to make phone calls over a cellular network, we recommend you contact your cellular provider to consider an international cell phone plan.

On average though, especially during June, July, and August, Spanish levels lean more basic and students tend to start with a basic foundation in the language and a lack of good conversational skills.

Usually, no additional arrangements should be necessary. However, if your child needs to change flights, some airlines may not allow an unaccompanied minor to board an airplane. You can arrange for “Unaccompanied Minor Assistance” with most airlines, they will require full details of the person who will pick your child up at the airport (we will provide this upon a successful camp registration).

To get through Costa Rica immigration, you child should have a printed copy of their return flight, a valid passport, and the address of Tico Lingo (found on our contact us page and provided once fully registered). After going through immigration and picking up their luggage, your child will be met by a representative of the camp just outside the airport (SJO). This person will be holding a sign with your child’s name on it and will have been in contact with your child before their departure. 

We recommend a combination of debit/credit card and cash. Your child should have at least $100-$200 US cash just in case of an emergency. Throughout Heredia, there are ATMs where your child can withdraw cash with a debit/credit card. Tip: Visa offers prepaid Visa cards for teenagers.

Your child will have to go and report it to the airline upon arrival, but be sure they know they must meet their airport pick-up person first. It’s best to pack two our three days changes of clothing in carry-on luggage…just in case!

Because of the jam-packed itinerary of the camp, students will not have time to sign-up for supplemental private Spanish classes. 

We do offer students the option of signing up for a 3rd week that would include 4 hours/day of group classes and 2 hours/day of 1-on-1 private Spanish classes. If this is something you feel your child may be interested in, please inquire with your Program Advisor to discuss further details. 

For Campers

As much as we’d love to see students in Spanish class all day, it just isn’t realistic. Instead, we take students out on city and museum tours, local coffee farm tours, and animal rescue tours.

Cultural activities are also included in the camp. With your classmates, you’ll be learning to dance Salsa and Merengue, cook empanadas and tortillas, and create traditional Costa Rican art.

Adventure tours are also included, so, among other tours, we’ll be hiking in the rainforest and rafting down a river!

Yes! All activities, tours, and classes have atmospheres that encourage lots of interaction between campers, as well between campers and local Costa Ricans. Our community service projects encourage campers to engage directly with our community and make life-long Costa Rican friends!

If not otherwise stated by a camp counselor, all camp participants have a curfew of 6:30pm during the entirety of the Spanish camp.

There is always a counselor, mentor, host parent or program director to go and speak with if you are having any kind of problem. The sooner you speak up, the sooner your problem can be solved. If you call your parent to tell them about a problem and then they call us to discuss the program, it takes a lot longer to deal with something that could be fixed if you speak directly to an adult at the school.

Yes, sometimes you have to be a bit brave to address a problem directly with Tico Lingo staff, but that’s what will make you a successful international traveler in the future!

Teen Spanish Summer Camp

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Still have some questions?

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