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About Tico Lingo

Tico Lingo was founded in 2015 as a small, high-quality language and cultural center aimed at offering the most unique and genuine Costa Rican learning experience. Since opening, we’ve taught students from over thirty different countries across the world and continue to reach new students far and wide seeking to learn the Spanish language.

Our success is based on our commitment to quality and the highest level of student service and personalization. We continuously invest in professional staff and offer custom program options to ensure each student’s overall experience with us is nothing short of excellent.

Why Choose Tico Lingo?

Excellent Results

With our background in education, comprehensive resources, and phenomenal staff, we are able to ensure that students receive the best learning experience possible while in Costa Rica. Regardless your age, your home culture, or your background in Spanish, we can promise an enriching experience that will not only teach you how to speak a new language, but also open your eyes to the beautiful Costa Rican culture.

“I can’t sufficiently express how amazing this school was. I studied for 3 weeks last January at the school and saw my fluency go through the roof. It was pretty remarkable. I learned so, so, so much….”

Our Professional Instructors

With experience in Costa Rica and internationally around the world, our professional Spanish instructors are the best at what they do. Instructors work with groups of no more than 6 students to create an environment focused on Spanish conversation and speaking skills. Speaking is important! And we push our students to solely speak Spanish in classroom with our instructors.

Born and raised in Heredia, Ana Lorena taught English and Spanish in a local high school for 15+ years. She found though that her passion was teaching tourists who were traveling through Costa Rica and quickly found herself preferring small private schools over the public school system in Heredia. She’s taught the Spanish language students of all ages and nationalities and has been working with Tico Lingo since 2016 has a full time Spanish professor.

Favorite Animal: Dogs
Favorite Food: Chifrijo
Biggest Secret: She loves Kenny Rogers

Freddy is a native to Costa Rica. He helped co-found the school after working 10+ years as an English teacher and 8+ years as a Spanish teacher. He holds a degree from the University of Costa Rica in linguistics and is a proven professor implementing the newest learning techniques while staying steadfast to the classics that work.

Favorite Sport: Soccer
Favorite Food: Pizza
Biggest Secret: His Birthday

Yóbeth was born and raised in Costa Rica, earned a degree from the University of Costa Rica in Journalism, and began a career in Radio. She worked for one of the most famous news channels in Costa Rica, but quickly grew tired of the industry and began pursuing career in Spanish education in the early 2000’s. Since then, she’s taught students from all over the world the intricacies of the language and found her place at Tico Lingo as one of our head professors.

Favorite Sport: Soccer
Favorite Food: Popcorn! (Palomitas)
Fun Fact: She owns two chickens! 🙂

Our Safety Promise

Yes, we know learning Spanish in Costa Rica is important, but safety in Costa Rica is absolutely the priority. Tico Lingo staff go over and beyond to make you as safe as possible while here in our beautiful country.


A 24/7 emergency help number is given to every student that arrives.


A local city map with important locations is provided to each student on the first day of class.


If necessary, a list of recommended doctors is available in case of illness.


Airport pickup and is provided by our licensed staff members 24/7

Community Outreach and Volunteerism

Tico Lingo is an advocate of community outreach and development. Once a month we open our school doors to community outreach programs in Costa Rica who need a place to organize. We offer our financial support to public schools, community associations, high school, street cleanup and more. Your dollars help our community in Costa Rica!

Where your tuition money goes:


Teacher / Admin Salaries


Homestay Family & Community Outreach


School Supplies and Overhead


Banking Fees and Taxes

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