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Staff photo at Tico Lingo in Heredia
Yami and Yenifer at Tico Lingo in Heredia
Photo of Spanish Teachers at Tico Lingo
Professor Freddy at Tico Lingo Spanish School
Professor Zulma and Spanish student at Tico Lingo Spanish School
Program Director Chris at Tico Lingo Spanish School

About Tico Lingo

Tico Lingo was founded in 2015 as a small, boutique language and cultural center aimed at offering the most unique and genuine Costa Rican learning experience. Since opening, we’ve taught students from over thirty five different countries across the world and continue to reach new students far and wide seeking to learn the Spanish language.

Our success is based on our commitment to quality and the highest level of student service and personalization. We continuously invest in professional staff and offer custom program options to ensure each student’s overall experience with us is nothing short of excellent.

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Why Choose Tico Lingo?

Our Spanish Professors

Since 2015 we’ve known the importance of developing a team of Spanish professors that can adapt to the many levels, ages, backgrounds, and learning styles of Tico Lingo students. Over the years that team now feels like family as we continue to grow together and meet students from all around the world.

With experience both in Costa Rica and other parts of Central America, our professional Spanish instructors are the best at what they do. They’re all native Spanish speakers and each have at least five years experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Click the names below to learn more about each Tico Lingo Spanish Professor. 

Freddy is a native to Costa Rica born and raised in the city of Alajuela. He helped co-found the school after working 10+ years as an English teacher and 8+ years as a Spanish teacher. He holds a linguistics degree from the University of Costa Rica and continually implements the newest learning techniques while staying steadfast to the tried-and-true classic methods. Never a dull moment, Freddy’s classes are known to feel like a party more than they feel like school. 

Favorite Cuisine: The typical Costa Rican classics!

Born in San José and having spent the majority of her adult life working and living in Heredia, Zaida has been teaching Spanish to foreigners for well over 10 years. With extensive experience working with children as well as with seniors, Zaida excels at pinpointing the needs of her students and aiding them in getting over the fear of speaking. She studied Human Resources at the Professional Technical College of Heredia and holds a teaching Spanish as a foreign language degree from Amistad Institute. 

Favorite Cuisine: Seafood

A proud “Joséfino”, Professor Erick was born and raised in the heart of San Jose, Costa Rica. He studied anthropology and philology at the University of Costa Rica and is currently in a Master’s program studying anthropology. He started teaching Spanish as a foriegn language in 2018 after really falling in love with the language’s grammar and realizing he enjoyed sharing that love with others. Since starting with Tico Lingo 2020, Erick has taught the language to well over a hundred students who appreciate his ability to really break down the language into a way that English speakers undestand.

Favorite Cuisine: Seafood

Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Philology and a Master’s degree in Latin American Literature, Kevin was born and raised in the heart of San José and truly loves dissecting the Spanish language and sharing it with his students. He’s been teaching for 7 years now and is a huge fan of hearing the many stories and backgrounds of the students who come through Tico Lingo. He also loves music and can often be spotted wearing metal band t-shirts!

Favorite Cuisine: Lebanese

Born in the heart of Alajuela, Costa Rica, Marcela has been teaching Spanish as a foriegn language since early 2009. She studied elementary teaching techniques at one of the largest universities in Costa Rica (Universidad Estatal a Distancia) and has taught Spanish at the university level at various institutions throughout the country. Having a joy of sharing Costa Rican culture, Marcela teaches Spanish to connect with new people from around the world and help them get to know Costa Rica on deeper level.

Favorite cuisine: anything chocolate!

Hailing from the great country of El Salvador, Zulma moved to Heredia in 2001 and has called Costa Rica home ever since. As a young woman, Zulma studied law at Eastern University (UNIVO) in San Miguel, El Salvador. Later in life, she discovered the world of teaching and dedicated herself to studying and mastering the art of education. She obtained a license to teach Spanish as a foreign language through the University of Costa Rica and has taken supplemental courses at the Technology Institute of Costa Rica as well as the National Institute for Education. Having taught Spanish for well over 20 years, Zulma enjoys meeting new people from around the world and giving them a personalized Spanish learning experience. 

Favorite cuisine: Las pupusas! 

A native to Costa Rica, Karina was born and raised in San José. She studied Spanish Philology in San Pedro, San José at the University of Costa Rica. For more than 30 years, she has called “Profesora de Español” her profession and has easily taught more than a thousand students how to speak the language. Since a young woman, she’s always enjoyed seeing how students’ eyes shine when they manage to communicate their ideas and feelings in Spanish. Having taught all levels, ages, and backgrounds, she finds teaching Spanish allows her to constantly be connecting with new people from all walks of life. In her free time, Karina is a cat lover who enjoys shopping organic fruits and vegetables at the local farmer’s market.

Favortie Cuisine: Anything with personality and history behind it.

Born in the beautiful Costa Rican province of Guanacaste, Yóbeth has called Heredia home for more than thirty years. She studied at the National University in Heredia as well as at the University of Costa Rica in San José. Holding a degree in Spanish Philology, with supplemental studies in Educational Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, Yóbeth knows the Spanish language inside and out. She started teaching in 1994 and has since earned a certification from the University of Salamanca, Spain to prepare other’s who are looking to pass the DELE test preparation and teach Spanish as a foreign language. Enjoying the cultural aspect of Tico Lingo, she’s been teaching with us on and off since 2016. In her free time she looks after her lush tropical garden and goes on walks with her adorable dogs.

Favorite Cuisine: Seafood 

Our Saftey Promise

Learning Spanish in Costa Rica is important, but safety in Costa Rica is our number one priority. Tico Lingo staff go above and beyond to keep you as safe as possible while here in our beautiful country.


All Contact Details Provided

Before your arrival, you’ll be given an emergency phone contact, your homestay family’s contact, and our airport pickup team’s contact

List of Doctors

If requested, a list of recommended doctors is available in case of illness. Likewise, the Heredia hospital is just a 10 minute drive from Tico Lingo.

Airport Pickup

With every Spanish Immersion Program, an Airport pickup is provided by our licensed transport staff. 

City Map of Heredia

A local city map with important locations is provided to each student on the first day of class.

Community Outreach

Tico Lingo is an advocate of community outreach and development. Once a month, we open our school doors to community outreach programs in Costa Rica who need a place to organize. We offer our financial support to public schools, community associations, high schools, street cleanups and more. Your dollars help our local community!

Where your tuition money goes:

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