Advantages of Private Spanish Classes

Did you consider taking private Spanish classes? One-on-one time with a native speaker offers a plethora of advantages. Here are a few...
By ticolingo

By ticolingo

Group classes are an amazing way to learn a language while engaging with like minded individuals who are also here for the same reason as you are: to become fluent in the language you love. However, did you consider taking private classes on top of your group ones?

You study in terms of your own personal needs

You don’t need to review things you already know or learn things that do not fit your current objectives. If you want to learn Spanish because of an upcoming work trip, your professor can focus on teaching you Spanish for business. If you want to learn Spanish to better understand your favorite Netflix shows, your tutor can incorporate more listening comprehension exercises to help you better develop your listening skills. Think about your short-term goals and make sure to communicate them to your teacher!

Private Spanish Classes for Adults

You get to learn at your own pace

You can spend more time on a specific topic and move faster on another one without having to conform to the learning schedule of a group class. If you’re done studying the content of your class earlier than expected, you can start learning another lesson or spend time doing more exercises and practice speaking with your teacher. Take advantage of this flexibility!

You get answers to all of your questions

You get VIP access to a language expert for a full hour. How cool is that? You are able to ask them any questions you may have and you’ll get immediate answers. You can also take notes of your questions when studying on your own time knowing that when you see your professor, they’ll be able to give you easy and straightforward explanations that will probably take you more time figuring out on your own. Make sure to take advantage of that!

You get more speaking time

Student in Private Spanish Classes at Tico Lingo

The whole hour is dedicated to you so you get more speaking time with your professor. And more speaking time means faster learning!

You have the undivided attention of your teacher

Your professor will have more time and headspace to give better attention to your pronunciation and phrasing and help you speak like a native. You will also feel encouraged to ask for more thorough explanations and feedback without worrying about bothering or slowing down other people in the class.

You chose your own schedule

You are the master of your class schedule! If you prefer taking classes in the morning so you can dedicate your afternoons to discovering the city, no problem! If on the other hand, you prefer staying in bed in the AM and studying after lunch, you can also decide to do that. You don’t have to stick to a schedule that does not fit your own personal needs and preferences.

You don’t miss any class

If you can’t make it to class, the class is postponed. You won’t need to catch up on lessons you have missed!

More relaxed atmosphere

If you are shy and don’t like having over two eyeballs on you while reading a text out loud, private classes offer a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere. You will be more comfortable raising questions and practicing your skills without worrying about other people watching you.

You learn while having fun

The material used will be tailored to your own preferences. You will also build a privileged rapport with your professor and will start looking forward to that one-on-one time with them.

You save time and money

While the cost of a private class might be more expensive than the price of a group one, you are actually saving time and money because you are learning the language way faster. Ultimately, you will end up spending less than if you only take group classes!

Private classes are a great investment and you’ll be amazed at how much progress you can make after only a few hours with a private tutor! Give it a shot!

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