Top 5 Reasons Online Spanish Classes Are Awesome

Online Spanish classes are a great way to get some one-on-one personalized time speaking Spanish with a native Spanish speaker.
By Avonne Colebrooke

By Avonne Colebrooke

Born and raised in the Bahamas, Avonne first visited Costa Rica in 2017 as a student at Tico Lingo. She fell in love with Heredia and decided to call the city home for more than three years. Other than mastering her Spanish, Avonne used those years to write a few tips and tricks for future Tico Lingo students.

Let’s be honest, if you’re at home diligently practicing social distancing for the good of the current world, there are only so many Netflix series you can binge-watch before your brain and body start to revolt. If eating chips off your chest while watching Breaking Bad for the third time just isn’t cutting it for you anymore, why not consider the benefits online Spanish courses with Tico Lingo?

Flexible Schedule

You can plan online classes around your schedule, allowing you to learn Spanish in your free time or at the times of day you feel you are most productive. I’m not a morning person! I always found that I was most productive in the evenings. So, instead of waking up at 7am and driving to a local Spanish school nearby, I signed up for online Spanish classes and was able to take classes from 6pm-8pm Monday through Friday. I loved the flexibility and ability to cancel and reschedule a class in the case I wanted to have company over for dinner or go out with friends between those evening hours.

Personalized Attention

Online courses give you one-on-one time with your teacher. Instead of following a strict syllabus, lessons are set to go at the students pace. This actually helped me learn faster and focus in on the areas I felt I struggled with most. Whether it was verb conjugations, pronunciation, or complex gramma topics like the subjunctive or conditional tenses, I was always able to really cater each class to the areas I wanted to.

Online Spanish classes with Profesora Zulma

Improve Self Discipline

Learning a new language is difficult and requires a lot of self-discipline. Taking a course online, without the motivation of other students or the reality of traveling to a school, will help give you the discipline needed to learn a new language.

When I first got started, I found myself wanted to cancel every class! Without the peer pressure from friends or other classmates, I found it so so hard to spend the time to study and take classes. Eventually though, I realized that acquiring Spanish fluency was my missions and I was never going to accomplish that mission without having a bit of self discipline to stay focused on my task. Over a 4 month period of taking online Spanish classes, I developed a real sense of self-discipline! I was the only one there to motivate myself and I learned a lot about how to do that.

Emphasize Speaking

Study Spanish online with Online Spanish Classes at Tico LingoOnline courses force both you and the teacher to rely on your voice to be understood rather than on body language or other non-verbal context clues. This means you will become better at understanding people when they speak. The teacher will also work more on your pronunciation and tone so you will be understood.

I struggled with sentence structure and pronunciation and realized that, without visual cues and body language, many native speakers couldn’t understand me! The online classes I took helped me really focus on the oral aspect of the language. I practiced replicating the sounds I heard from my teacher and mastering my pronunciation.

Online Spanish classes with Professor Freddy

Feel More Comfortable

For some students, interacting online is more comfortable. Because the classes were private, I found that I developed a great relationship with my teacher. Over the months that we worked together we began to develop a real friendship. We connected on Whatsapp and I often share with her funny photos of my life and my struggles with Spanish! Likewise, on those days I just did not feel like getting off the couch, I logged into our classes with audio-only and worked with my teacher sin video. It worked well every time!

All and all, online Spanish classes can be a great option for students who can’t travel to Costa Rica and participate in a Spanish immersion program. They’re flexible, personalized, and are effective at getting students to practice both their speaking skills and listening comprehension. Sign up for Online Spanish classes with a Tico Lingo professor and get speaking Spanish today!

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