Four Top Notch Gyms in Heredia

Heredia is home to a lot of local gyms that many visitors take advantage of while visiting. Check out our favorite gyms nearby Tico Lingo.
By Ben Espinola

By Ben Espinola

Ben is a traveling educator, writer, and musician originally from Greensboro, NC. He has done a wide variety of teaching, youth work, freelance writing and tourism temp jobs across numerous countries on four continents. He can usually be found struggling to learn a new skill or down at a nearby watering hole sharing a drink with local characters.

For people who want to stay in shape, Heredia has a large number of gyms to chose from. From very basic, to high end, whatever type of gym you prefer you can find here. See below are a few choices frequented by students.

Gimnasio Spartakus

This is a simple bare-bones, no frills gym. They have all the equipment you need for a good workout as well as several options for aerobics or dance classes. It’s a good low price option very conveniently located roughly 4 blocks from Tico Lingo. Some of the staff know it as the “dungeon” as it’s known to be pretty dark and musty at time.

Interior of Gym en Forma
Gym “En Forma”

This is a large gym and athletic complex with multiple rooms, new equipment and a variety of classes to choose from. Everything is up to date and in a modern, sleek style. There is also the option of a day pass. Although a bit of a longer walk from Tico Lingo, students typically choose this gym because of this professional classes and modern equipment they offer and modern.

Palacio de los Deportes

This is the public gym in the center of town. It has numerous rooms, pools and classes as well as a wide variety gym equipment available at a reasonable cost of entry.

Pro Fitness
ProFitness Gym located in Mercedes Norte de Heredia

Located on the west side of town in the neighborhood of Mercedes Norte, this gym offers students everything they need for a good workout. It’s good choice for people who are looking for access to good equipment without a lot of distraction. Be sure to ask about their classes!

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