Homestay Program

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There is no better way to truly understand the culture and master the language than staying with a local family near the school.

The Homestay Program

To truly immerse its students in Costa Rican culture, Tico Lingo provides each student the opportunity to live with a local family. Located within walking distance of Tico Lingo, each homestay family offers students endless occasions to practice “real life” Spanish.

Beyond the benefits to students, the program also benefits the local families involved with the program. 90% of student payment goes directly to the families hosting. We at Tico Lingo aim to give back to our community as much as we can and promise to only withhold 10% of costs for relative overhead and organizational fees.

– Happy Homestays –

felix tico lingo student with homestay brother in costa rica

It was cool to get to know my “tico brother” and be invited to some local parties and outings. I made a ton of friends and was able to practice so much Spanish!

Felix Alscher, Germany
student testimonial homestay family costa rica

I woke up to the smell of amazing coffee every morning. My homestay mom greeted me with a smile every day and couldn’t have been happier to see me. Will definitely miss her!

Kit Ramsey, Philadelphia


Each Homestay will come with a private room, desk, and closet to store clothes.


Every Homestay is equipped with wifi so students can contact friends and family back home.


Morning breakfast is served at 7am and dinner is usually served around 6:30pm.


Once a week, laundry will be collected, washed, and folded for the student.

Your Bedroom

Most Costa Rican families have a spare room or two due to children leaving the home for university. Quaint, always unique, and totally private, each room comes with at least a full-size bed, a desk, and a dresser or closet to store clothes.

Your Meals

Fresh fruits and vegetables aplenty! Costa Rican cuisine is known to be nutritionally well rounded, always cooked from scratch, and loaded with the many exotic fruits and vegetables readily available locally. Traditional meals have a home-cooked, comforting feel to them and with the Homestay Program you’ll be given two meals a day, breakfast and dinner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each family must first apply for the program. The application consists of a written portion that confirms their citizenship, legal status, and local address. Additionally, the written exam tests for basic English language understanding (greetings, names, basic verbs, etc.). We also conduct an evaluation of their home and confirm they have working hot/cold water, laundry services, functioning electricity, and a warm environment for students.

Once allowed in the program, we provide families with written guidelines so everything runs smoothly with our students. Once a student departs, we receive written and verbal feedback from students on the quality of their experience. Yearly, we conduct a re-evaluation to confirm home upkeep and satisfactory facilities.

Amongst the highest in Latin America, the standard of living in Costa Rica fares well compared to those in highly developed countries. Although high, an open mind and pura vida attitude is needed though when moving into a family’s home. Homes may not have cable TV, a microwave, or a dishwasher – but don’t forget guys, a true cultural experience may require certain sacrifices. These sacrifices will broaden your horizons and make you appreciate what you have back home!

Often times, students find they want to stay longer than the initially arranged time. At Tico Lingo, we pay families on a weekly basis from Sunday to Sunday but are happy to arrange additional day rates for students looking travel or further explore the area.

If your extended stay goes beyond an additional week, we ask that you speak with a staff leader directly about your travel and housing plans. Normally though, nightly rates are $25/pp.

If for any reason you feel uncomfortable with your homestay family please do not hesitate to let us know and we will be glad to help. We aim to place students with suitable families however, because each student is different in personality, tastes, and habits, things might not work out as planned. In rare cases, families can face tough situations like sickness in the family or issues at work which might affect their ability to host you sufficiently.

Keeping all this in mind, if for any reason you do not feel completely welcome or content with your family, please inform a staff leader so we can make the necessary changes or arrangements.

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